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    Title Author Date
  Kitsch Encyclopedia Sara Cwynar 16/10/2015    
  BARE GRYLS GUIDE TO MYSOGYNY Benjamin Edwin Slinger 13/09/2015    
  Beyond The Forest of Disinclination David Steans 09/07/2015  
  Dear Westminster Kennel Club... Becket Flannery 11/07/2015  
  Estrogen Allyn Hughes 12/07/2015    
  ' What Jenny Hung 05/07/2015  
  The Freudian Child Cindy Kim 05/07/2015  
  ACURATORpdf A CURATOR 29/06/2013  
  Post Overzicht
Part 1
Part 2
Annegien van Doorn 11/03/2013
  the Name Shane Bradford 11/03/2013  
  A Modest Beginning John Henry Newton 17/02/2013  
  Mr.Cider (Fermented Version) David Steans 14/11/2012    
  Places in Places in Places Aaron McLaughlin 14/11/2012    
  100 Exhibitions in the Month of October Michelangelo Pistoletto 29/06/2012  
  FUCK SAKE PART DEUX Joseph Buckley 29/06/2012  
  James Earl Scones Darren Bader 23/05/2012    
  Life As a Readymade Darren Bader 23/05/2012    
  oiant Darren Bader 23/05/2012    
  Pulturebook Darren Bader 23/05/2012    
  Bad Brain Call Annabel Frearson 21/05/2012
  BaudriR Annabel Frearson 21/05/2012  
  Crickets Programme 28 January 2012 Mungo Thomson 18/04/2012    
  Index Alex Farrar 10/03/2012  
  Analects of an Artist Vol.1 n/a 03/01/2012  
  Modern Lovers Pil and Galia Kollectiv 14/08/2011    
  Untitled Terry Slater 26/07/2011    
  Mental Space - How my neighbours became buildings Sarah van Sonsbeeck 09/05/2011  
  Thin Air Paul Rooney 09/04/2011  
  A-F-T Joseph Buckley, Isaac Clarke, Ingram Roeder 09/04/2011  
  Forest Daniel Gustav Cramer 09/03/2011  
  el lissitzky and alexander dorner: kabinett der abstrakten original and facsimile Museum of American Art, Berlin 29/01/2011
  FELSEN Alex Farrar 11/01/2011  
  A Latento: 2007 – present A Latento 01/01/2011  
  London Liam Tickner 26/11/2010  
  A Latento Volume 4 A Latento 26/11/2010  
  A Latento 3 A Latento 26/11/2010  
  A Latento 2- SAMMELBÄNDE A Latento 26/11/2010  
  Furry Muck David Steans 06/11/2010  
  ONE THIRD OF A SERIES OF ELEGIES: II, IV, V, VIII, XV & XVI; Joseph Buckley at The Private Gallery of Rachel Carter and Harry Meadley. David Steans 05/11/2010  
  Handling Art Liam Tickner 02/11/2010    
  Eva Und Wolfgang Liam Tickner 02/11/2010    
  My Most Favourite Art Maria Anwander 18/10/2010  
  The Wanderer by Franz Kafka Rory Macbeth 13/10/2010  
  Bible Rory Macbeth 13/10/2010  
  Peaks and Troughs Jack Piers Scott 04/10/2010    
  BGPs Harry Meadley 17/09/2010    
  – Mam poczucie, że o czymś zapomniałam. – Myślę, że za dużo pamiętasz. – I feel I forgot something. – I think you remember too much. Alicja Bielawska 16/09/2010  
  a horizontal expansion followed by a vertical contraction of a Microsoft Excell cell Ignacio Uriarte 24/08/2010  
  Immer höher Ignacio Uriarte 24/08/2010  
  http://s207554463.co.uk guest curated by David Steans David Steans 18/08/2010  
  Loose Associations and other lectures Ryan Gander 16/08/2010  
  Analects of an Artist Vol.1 n/a 03/01/2012